Free 3D models: where to find them

Working in the 3D visualization world specially for architecture projects, when i need to realize a cool 3D image i think about the rules that lead to the perfect image: high quality model, Nice point of view, light, and realism.

And i think that when you need to realize a kick-ass 3D image, a 3D high quality model library can help a lot. When the subject is architecture, a 3d library that includes sofas, armchair, 3D plants, 3D cars, 3D people.... is definitely  a must-have to improve the quality of the final rendering.

Otherwise, a good 3D library can be used in the wrong way from people that fill the scenes with useless objects, just because they are very very High Quality objects.

Today i want to share the websites where i find a lot free downloadable HQ 3d models, compatible with Cinema4D formats.

Create a static button on blogger

We just learned how to put a static footer on blogger, that does not scroll with the web page. We learned how to put a CSS rollover on blogger. Now let's join these 2 and see how to put a static button. On this blog i used this to put my RSS feed button on top right, because i like to show always the way to subscribe.

The steps are the same, we just add a bit of code.

First of all, create the image, with Photoshop or Gimp, or any other software that can do that. Remember that you need to show at the same time the "OFF" and the "ON" state of the button, just like this:


Create a static footer on blogger

I'm a graphic stuff lover, so i spend a lot of time surfing the web looking for inspiration. Somtimes i find a website that ipnotizes me with a cool design or with an unusual CSS style, an most of the time this websites are designers'/webdesigners'/creatives' online portfolios.

Specially i'm loving the static layout elements, that do not scroll with the web page content, because i think it's a great way to catch the eyes of the readers. In many websites this trick is used to put static footers, because they have additioinal infos that the website's owners want to put always in front of the customers view; in other websites this is just to add a cool design element.

I asked to myself if this is possible in blogger, and i find a very simple CSS way to do it. The footer you can see on this blog is an example.

So let's start. find your icon with only one click

For all these years, thanks to, everytime i need an icon for any graphic design work, i go straight to, where i find tons of icons set for my inspiration. But sometimes i spent a lot of time searching the right one, even if the good search engine can make life easier, and several times i couldn't find the right icon that i was looking for. 

Now i discovered Iconfinder, and i can find my icons way easier.